Term Dates & School Day

School day timings for 2017/18

Front office opens at 8.00am

Period 1: 8:40am (including registration)

Period 2: 9:40am

Break: 10:40am

Period 3: 10:55am

Period 4: 11:55am

Lunch/Tutor time: 12:55pm

Period 5: 1:40pm

Close of College: 2:40pm

Enrichment activities from 2.40pm

Front office closes at 4.00pm

Term Dates

Autumn Term

Monday 3rd September 2018 - Friday 21st December 2018 

October Half Term

Monday 22nd October 2018 - Friday 26th October 2018

Spring Term

Monday 7th January 2019 - Friday 5th April 2019 

February Half Term

Monday 18th February 2019 - Friday 22nd February 2019 

Summer Term

Tuesday 23rd April 2019 - Tuesday 23rd July 2019

May Half Term

Monday 27th May 2019 - Friday 31st May 2019 

Staff In-service Training Days

Monday 3rd September 2018 

Tuesday 4th September 2018

Friday 5th October 2018 

Tuesday 19th March 2019 

Wednesday 10th July 2019 

Monday 22nd July 2019 

Tuesday 23rd July 2019 

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