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The Staff vs Students Dodgeball!

9th November 2017

As many of you will be aware, we recently held a Staff vs Students dodgeball match in order to fundraise for our prom – and of course to see some teachers try to outplay their determined students! This was a huge success and received a great response from both the staff, and students involved! We raised £58.60 and believe that that the entertaining event was worth every penny of this! Therefore, first of all, we would love to give a huge thanks to all the staff and students who volunteered to compete on the day!

Match time!

At 10:35am, our brave martyrs left lessons and readied themselves for the match that was to come. Everyone knew that this would be a competitive event, and were all secretly rooting for one team or the other. As students streamed through the doors, staff, dressed to impress, surveyed their prey. The match started with a fearsome surge of energy as both teams eagerly attempted to get the opposing members out. Although, the staff showed some hope at the beginning, it gradually became clearer and clearer that the first match would go to the students. Therefore, it was no surprise, when Mrs Edwards announced the score as 1:0 to the students at the match’s conclusion. However, all was not lost for the staff. They showed an incredible display of ingenuity, skill, and sheer willpower throughout the second game. So much so, that student after student was sent out of the match, whilst the staff’s team remained almost intact. To many people’s shock, they successfully targeted the one remaining (still intent on winning) student, Charlie Goodwin, and were met with a wave of applause as the final score was announced to be a draw. Despite both teams leaving happy with their performances, there remains some animosity as to who is really the best at dodgeball. Who truly can call themselves the dodgeball masters? And this just leads to the question…

Rematch anyone?

In order to quell the suppressed tension between the staff and students, and also get some more entertainment in for us, we have decided to host a rematch on Friday 15th of December, where the extended break will be from 10:35 – 11:05. Consequently, the next event will be bigger and better than the previous match! Who knows, perhaps there may even be a Santa hat or two involved?

Senior Student Team 

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