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The RAF 100 Schools Project

18th April 2018

Yesterday we welcomed guests from the RAF and the EDT teams to celebrate 100 years of the RAF.  The project has been organised to highlight the role of the RAF as a contributor to technological advances and human ingenuity. 100 participating schools and youth groups are taken part in the project which finishes this summer. 

The 110 Year 9 students took part in STEM activities including - coding robots, building aircraft to move along a runway powered by an elastic band and building a radar tower out of art straws to support as many weights of 100g as possible.

Congratulations to Ethan Carr, Freya Hatcher-Stenton, Owen Pracy and Isabella Weeks who were crowned the winning group.

The students also had a few presentations about what engineering is and the variety of jobs available in the RAF.

The RAF 100 Schools Project

The RAF 100 Schools Project

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