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Successful Scholastic Book Fair

21st May 2018

Following on from the amazing result of our recent Scholastic Book Fair which raised £196 for the school library, our students took delivery of the books they selected. Titles ranged from the well-loved humour of Wimpy Kid and Tom Gates, to the page-turning Alex Rider series, the horror of Darren Shan’s Cirque du Freak and the deeply moving and powerful The Book Thief. The students chose books to suit all tastes and we know they will be thoroughly enjoyed.

The main purpose of our library is to develop the practice of reading for pleasure. Reading has continually been proven to foster empathy and knowledge, to improve career and life opportunities, to expand minds in a way that allows imagination and creativity to move beyond the everyday. It is a way of learning without realising it. Allowing the students to read what they want is one simple step we can do to support this.

We intend to build on the success of this year’s Book Fair with another in December and hope to see yet another fantastic result. Thank you so much for supporting us in our efforts.

Mrs Cummings & Mrs Ellis

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